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A day begins with brilliant sun lights caressing your faces with soft touches, morning dews sparling with the lights, nameless wild flowers awakening in full blossom, and a thousand other organisms coming back to life.

By the time the sun emerges above the ridgeline towering over Chun-jin Hermitage and buses are ready to take pilgrims to the sacred place, brides and bridegrooms begin to show up in their snow-white and smart dresses. Awaiting them in the Chun-jin Hermitage valley is e-Photo Essay, a new-concept wedding photo studio experienced in transplanting the surrounding natural beauties into memories worthy of lifetime cherish.

Located in a history-rich place far removed from the concrete and steel jungle of cities and clothed with sheets of changing colors with season, e-Photo Essay is ready to blend its advanced techniques and the near-by pristine backdrops into unforgettable memories for you and your loving partners.

As a new pioneer in wedding photo, e-Photo Essay continues to challenge and change the conventional views and practices of photography?all to turn wedding photos into pieces of art unique for each wedding couple.